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  • Some Thoughts

    Each time I skate or watch clips, I’m reminded that skateboard culture is so varied it actually requires individuality, freedom, and heart. Heart—We’ve all seen people come and go in the arena of our passions. Even in small ways: there was that kid who skated for a summer, a couple weeks, then never again, no […]

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  • “Daily” Skate 01 Feb 2023

    Snow. Rain. Puddles. Ice. Snow. Rain and ice. Snow. Needless to say, I’ve been “shredding” on piece of plywood the past days, weeks, this whole endless season! Read More Here:

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  • “Daily” Skate 25 Jan 2023

    Snow everywhere. Am I panicked? Depressed? No. Skateboarding in a northern continent is just as much about losing out as it is enjoying sessions. That’s life, right? Letting go of skating for the day, I sometimes feel liberated, sometimes longing. Today, with snow falling outside my window, I’m thinking about process and change over time—the […]

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Sun up at my local skatepark.

While I work on the basics of skateboarding, I want to share my experiences and thoughts, capture a scene, and, in the end, find excellent people with noble stories to share. I hope you enjoy.

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