Daily Skate 28 July 2022

Radical sunrise this morning, but I missed most of it while trying to capture it in a time-lapse. Oh well.

I’m skating pretty good…for someone who used to skate—I’m feeling more balanced on my board and more comfortable jumping in. Although, it’ll be a while before I can land anything right away. Today I tried getting low for a tail stall on a bank and realized I needed to warm up my legs before crouching that low.

Toward the end of the skate, I also realized I needed to make a concerted effort to stay low during the approach and execution of a move. Again and again, I had been trying this trick I still haven’t found the name of. I’d give it a rest, try something else, come back, try it again. Then I’d do the whole cycle over and over. At least, until I realized I needed to have my center of gravity low to keep my balance, manipulate my and the board’s momentums, and spot my landing.

Hopefully, I’ll remember that tomorrow before I’m drenched, hungry for breakfast, and have to “dig deep” the way coaches used to say.

Okay, there it is. I’m going to stretch like an old man, check my carves, and rip it!

Ach This is a still frame of the time-lapse, which shows I clearly don’t use my arms enough.

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