An Introduction to AvS

My Story

Hey, my name is Dan. I’m starting this skateboarding blog for several reasons, with the main goal that I get to tell stories about some average skaters who are really awesome people.

There are a ton of hopes for what could come of this. First, I hope to turn this blog into a magazine or newsletter which will further showcase awesome people. With any luck, things go well and charity work isn’t out of reach.

My background is in teaching creative writing and composition to elementary school kids up to college and university students. As a skater, the gist is that I’ve always had a skateboard around, whether I was riding or not. I skated a bunch in high school which amounted to a lot of miles logged around a college town yet with next to no tricks. I hopped on my board again in college but, as far as introvert readers go, that period lended itself to the library more than most other things.

At this point, I’m 36 and am a sweaty meatball when I ride. After years of watching skate clips and televised events, I’m here to simultaneously stay active and write. I love skateboarding for its creativity, its art, its dual individuality and community, and of course, its attitude.

I hope you will stick around, read a little, share some of your stories with me, and get involved with Average Skater.



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