Daily Skate 31 July / 1 Aug 2022

Well, my back was totally wrenched on Saturday. Used a lot of heat and barely moved.

I felt lucky Sunday morning, though, so I eventually set out to see how much trouble the gnarly pain in my back would give me. Turned out I was lucky.

I had to take it easy at first and avoid certain movements, but I got in a solid ride.

1 Aug

I realized today that one thing I most like about skateboarding in the morning is the light. Usually, I finish my session when the atmosphere starts letting in the sunlight. That white light brightness of day arrives, and I split.

Those first rays, though. The colors are extraordinary, but even as they fade into softer hues, the sky is this smooth blue, cool and fluid. I love that my tail stalls start to come together in a flow of changing light.

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