Daily Skate 4 Aug 2022

I suppose I wouldn’t complain if I lived in Florida, but it was obstructively humid this morning.

I called it a bit short today.

Even though I didn’t stay at the skatepark as long as usual, I managed to progress a little. After that plateau feeling yesterday, I knew I had to add a new trick to perfect with the others, or my excitement might stall too.

Looking ahead to skating transitions and coping, I thought it would be wise to build up fundamentals for a blunt stall (they look sick). On the bank I rode today, it was just a forward-facing tail stall to fakie, but it was still tricky. I didn’t get myself all the way to the top corner with my wheels over its line, but I stayed on my board…for the most part.

Finding balance is no joke. I was a stiff board out there as I started to roll backward toward the flat. I probably look like the old man from “Up,” but I know this is where it starts.

Till next time.

This is a screen shot of a time-lapse I tried to get of a storm that was supposed to be on its way–I guess I was early.

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