Daily Skate 7 Aug 2022

Light tangerine sunrise, too citrine to capture with my phone.

It was a standard ride today—I went over the usual moves, which I seem to be improving. I did pump my way around the park a lot, though. In the last few weeks, I’ve started to play this game where I see how long I can go around the park without stopping.

There has to be a name for that, right?

It turns my legs to jelly, but it feels good to flow. Moving fluidly over rises and into drops; the wind. It’s also what most reminds me of skateboarding’s roots in surfing.

You can almost notice ocean spray spiraling off the coping. Of course, earth and air are the core elements of concrete waves.

Cut it short to give up the park to a pair who showed. I know how fun it is to have the place to yourself, so I wanted them to have it even when I totally had like at least another hour, maybe two, of skating in me, you know.


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