Daily Skate 10 Aug 2022

Magnificent clouds and sunrise as the storm clouds passed this morning.

During today’s skate, I noticed my street skating roots have blended into how I ride the skatepark. First, repetitively working on one spot, trying out one trick and its variations over and over, back and forth between the starting point and the spot. Over and over. Back and forth.

That reminds me most of street skating, where we would find a spot and session it until the spot itself was spent or our legs were. In contrast, I ride the whole park (mainly b/c I’m usually the only one there at dawn), going for a handful of tricks in different locations.

I used to love riding from one spot to another on tired legs. Now, it’s hurting knees, and it would suck. But back then, cruising around town was as much a part of skateboarding as trying out tricks and maneuvers.

The cruising has changed, but I love how it’s evolving for me at the park. After three loops around the transitions and banks, working to keep momentum and posture, my legs turn to jelly, and I’m reminded of those long gone miles-long days.

Good skate today. Sunrise, nose stalls and fakie basics.

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