Daily Skate 16 Aug 2022

Turns out that “easy” skate yesterday was just an easy going one. Was sweating it out by getting low for switch stance practice, and I stuck around a little longer than usual.

It was a shared park today, which was cool. At first, I was surprised to see a couple of skaters show up so early, but then I thought they might use the same logic of (early = empty skatepark). I might have spoiled their dawn wake up, but I enjoyed seeing them ride. One had a super solid base, ollieing all over the place.

Sharing the park today was easy. Navigating around two or three people is foolproof. I’m not so sure about those afternoon and evening sessions—there are probably a hundred nuanced etiquettes I have no idea exist.

Board in hand means you’re not riding, and it’s my turn? One go at a time? Beginners in this part of the park, thrashers over there? Eh, I’ll figure it out eventually.

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