Daily Skate 21 Aug 2022

Rain again this morning, but I see it as a good thing.

Generally, I need to rest every once in a while (as mentioned in an earlier post). Aside from giving muscles and joints a chance to recover, I think that the whole “distance makes the heart grow fonder” thing will also keep my imagination fresh.

A couple days ago, I thought I didn’t have any new tricks I could start. I felt I had plateaued at my level and that the only way to continue progressing would be to make an extreme leap up in difficulty (full on riding transitions, ollieing over massive obstacles, and the like).

Really, though, I just needed to add in a 180 here and there, stall on a different side of the board, or do multiple stops in a single stall (blunt to 5050 is the new one—which, sidenote, is helping me stay low over the lip of the bank for future tricks). In part, I think my mind just was tired, distracted, and in need of inspiration.

With a little rest? Maybe I’ll come around to some new tricks.

So, to that end, I’m going to make sure I take Sunday mornings off (or another day of the week as I start teaching again for the Fall semester). Even though “Daily Skate” becomes a misnomer, I think it still sounds better than “Semi-Daily Skate.” Ultimately, the important thing is that I hope to stay physically and mentally fresh, ready to try new things and shred wherever I may be.

This rainy Sunday, then, my skateboarding will be restricted to the absurd air and combos in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

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