Daily Skate 26 Aug 2022


It seems that as your proceed through your 30’s (I’m 36), what you eat has a clearly evident and significant effect on how you feel.

It’s been a couple days of takeout, plus only a small appetite in the lead up to classes starting yesterday. This morning, my body showed how unhappy it was.

I slogged around the park a bit but only gained momentum and intensity once or twice. Otherwise, I scooted around without any action.

One good thing with today’s skate was trying out knee pads. While over the past week I’ve been getting myself accustomed to wearing a helmet, it wasn’t until today that I wanted to start trying the other pads (elbow and wrist will have to wait).

The knee pads were surprisingly comfortable. I wondered if my range of motion would be hampered, but I seemed to move as much as usual. Plus, they felt natural: after my first loop while wearing them, it seemed like the whole park opened up.

Suddenly, the transition walls and the bowl didn’t seem so far off; I knew I could start to access those dangerous spots that have a steep learning curve (pun intended). Turns out, protective gear does a lot to calm the mental worry, fear, and expectation of falling.

Carving up the bowl seems imminent now. Dun dun dunnnnnn.

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