Daily Skate 27 Aug 2022

Strangest thing:

It was a lot of fun to skate with other skateboarders at the park. Who knew!?

Usually, I like to be on my own, listening to music, following the vibe as it appears in the open air, absent of any other noise, watchful eyes, or sessioning entire sections of the skatepark. But today, a couple riders showed up, and it was great.

I had the chance to watch someone better than me ride—warming up, trying tricks, etc. It was a relief to observe that you don’t have to rocket around the park to land some pretty radical tricks.

Sure, I turned off the music and put away the headphones to pay attention to what was happening, but I got the added pleasure of enjoying their skating, showing what I’ve been working on, and just letting pleasant vibes vibrate.

In the end, I guess anyone who shows up to a skatepark at dawn/sunrise is probably of a similar temperament and can make for a fun time.

To progress this blog/website/magazine/newsletter/whatever this actually becomes, next time they’re around (this is the second time I’ve seen them), I’m going to have to ask, “What’s the last nice thing you did for someone?” Although, I feel like a sticker or prize of some kind would be needed. shrug emoji

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