Daily Skate 28 Aug 2022

Day of rest, day of schmest. Or smth.

After sleeping in a couple hours this morning, I have to say that taking a break from dawn shredding is a wonderful concept. Although I’m itching to skate because I set up a new deck/trucks yesterday, staying in will have a positive effect.

I don’t know what it is exactly, but it is in the vein of “if you love something, let it go….” That old saying. Even in these first hours of not skating today—I should say that in another way—Even in the first hours of letting my 36 year old body rest, I can feel an inner motivation rising. It’s a nagging that says, Get out there and skate! You’ll have fun and feel better for it!

That “encouraging” inner voice doesn’t bother me. It used to, for sure. When I started skating a lot in high school, that voice would get annoying, and, at some point, to shut it off, I shut off skateboarding too. Now, though, I care less about what others think, especially when it’s my own intrusive thoughts.

Like today: What if you talk to a skater this week and they ask if you skate every single day!? If you’re not out there today, you can’t say you do, and you’re not a real skater!

Well, that guy can eat it. I love to skate. I love to watch skaters shred. I’m into it, you know? Who cares how many hours I log or how regular I am at a particular park? No one, that’s who!

So, today, I’m going to revel in having a new setup and reflect on the symbolic value of having ridden black wheels in my angsty youth versus the white and blue I ride now. I’m going to make a wicked tasty breakfast, play some video games and see some non-skater friends later.

It will be a fantastic day, even if I think about skating through most of it.

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