Daily Skate 31 Aug 2022

Awesome morning! Look at that sky!!

W.B. Yeats’ Golden Dawn, anyone?

And a good skate, too. I managed to make my way around the skatepark and start landing a nose stall to fakie (clip on Instagram) that I thought I had down, but it kept giving me trouble. Eventually, I got there and even threw in a little style.

After that MAJOR success, I felt a little lost about what to do next.

I’m at another point where I need to start trying new tricks or I’ll stagnate. Although I rolled around in the bowl a little, learning how to fall, I’m still not ready for riding transition walls or bowls—soon, but not yet.

I decided to take off my pads and see how the good ole ollie looks. To my surprise, it went… well, it went. I had a handful of super awkward attempts that ended with me flailing about like a skeleton in a funeral march, but I also smacked my wheels down solid as a vulture landing on the highway, smooth up and down.

Twisting ankles is the thing I hate most about skateboarding and what took me out of it during a short stint in my early twenties. I quit that go at skating after I hurried to ollie over a recycling bin with a small backpack on. As if that was possible, or smart. I wrecked my ankle in a couple directions, and, with the time it took to heal and the time of year, I didn’t get back on my board—until now.

I just have to remind myself these days that I shouldn’t jump into skateboarding without consciously building my skills over time.

Lucky for me, I’m much more patient and willing to progress one day at a time than I was. It may take a couple years, but I’m going to ollie that recycling bin!

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