Daily Skate 02 Sept 2022

I’m so happy that Fall is on the way.

The past few days have been excellent for skateboarding: not super hot, not frigid. Cool dawn situated between visible breath and sweat. Today was the perfect kind of brisk.

After this whole time of riding straight up and down (with a little 180… a revert?) transition walls at my local skatepark, I finally took to carving. I think the inspiration came after tooling around at the bottom of the bowl a few times this past week. I can’t wait to ride those walls, but I have a ways to go before I’m confident in what I’m doing.

Tried out elbow pads in addition to the other gear I’ve been wearing (helmet and knee). At first, they felt awkward and clunky, but after riding one transition wall at light speed and having to bail by running out—almost slamming face first—I am suddenly very comfortable shredding in pads.

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