Daily Skate 03 Sept 2022

Today is my off day this week (though Monday doesn’t look open, either). I got a car that needs fixed and, like last week, adult things to do. With any luck, I’ll have some time later to ride a little, dabble, and get wheels to concrete, but we’ll see.

For now, I leave you with this. A picture of me as a teenager, looking as awkward as humanly possible, at a skatepark in Florida. It was the first park I’d been to, and, maybe it shows. I had no idea what was going on. That was probably in part because they required us to wear helmets and gave us “park” helmets that were for public use. Nasty.

I remember the park felt too big for the one day, the couple of hours, that I had to ride. Legitimately, it was a huge park, and I legitimately had no idea what I was doing regardless of how much time I’d have there. I think it was after checking out that unnamed skatepark that I spent an entire afternoon of vacation trying ollie stacked boogie boards (the highest I’d ever ollied).

I hope you enjoy this extreme autobiographical moment and almost rigorous proof that I have skated (on and off, I admit) for a long time.   

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