Daily Skate 04 Sept 2022

Gotta love the quiet of a Sunday skate.

The park I go to lay just off one of the main roads into town and directly on a street used by walkers, joggers, and anybody cutting past that downtown traffic on their way south. Usually, even at dawn, the area is rustled by trucks, long distance commuters, one of the regular trains (which I forgot to mention), and those runners and walkers.

Today, there was next to no noise pollution. Not even the birds seemed awake.

I went without headphones for a few minutes while I warmed up, and concentrated on the feeling of the empty space, the odd stillness, the air placid like a quieted pond (#basho #theoldpond).

A lot of cruising and pumping around the park today. The bank stalls I’ve been at the past months are almost locked in—I suppose I need to concentrate on the quiet in the flow of each trick as I approach them.

Landed a solid ollie after flailing a little.

My ankles warn, Slow down!

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