Daily Skate 15 Sept 2022

Realized how quickly new a new ability fades.

The nose stall to fakie continued to miff me. Every stage of the move was piled together like loose stone—it was awkward on the way in, awkward in the pause and shift of balance, and awkward before the plant into fakie.

I wasn’t going to commit to dropping in fakie on the bank once I considered that I had not been riding fakie or (very early stage) switch all morning, or even the day before.

That work I had done across consecutive days and weeks before had gotten me to the point of nailing the move every time, but with days away from skating, those base level, essential building blocks weren’t there to support execution of the trick.

No biggie. I was happy to be back and look forward to tomorrow when I’ll have to coach myself into a bunch of fakie scenarios.

Glad to see I’m still proving to be an amazing photographer.

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