Daily Skate 30 Sept 2022

Fog rolling over ponds in the dark, then mist mingling with sunrise in the trees.

Put in work today. I guess with it being Friday, I didn’t mind spending a little more time at the skatepark than usual. And maybe it’s the change in the season, but I feel the progress I’ve made over the past weeks and months is showing, which made it a fun skate.

My focus on balance and stances seems to be paying off with a strong foundation. I felt on point enough to ride switch down a bank for the first time. It felt super awkward, and I’m pretty sure I’m keeping my weight over my usual lead foot, but it’s a step.

Caught some video of this moment…

It was a good fall. I didn’t go stiff or try to catch my whole weight—I let gravity take its course and rolled out as best I could.

Even though I’ve practiced falling a little, it was good to hit the pavement and not crack anything open. Inverting toward the concrete today reminded me to drop in, try new things that feel awkward, and just rip it without worrying so much about slamming. After today, it seems like so long as I pay attention to what I’m doing, it won’t end too badly. :-/

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