Daily Skate 2 Oct 2022

While today is my day to sleep in and relax, I skipped writing yesterday, and thought I’d reflect a little today.

I’ve been finding lately that I can be affected by what I see on social media. Recently, a post came across my feed that said something like, skate for love, not for followers, and it got in my head. Since then, I’ve gone to the skatepark as usual but haven’t written about it every time.

The post reminded me of that moment in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, where the photographer skips taking his long-awaited photo for the sake of enjoying the scene for himself. I always liked that. And, really, I’m that way with a lot of my writing and almost all my visual art experiments. Sometimes it is important to do things you love without considering who might see or want to publish or whatever.

Saturday was like that. I had my significant other with me for the first time, which turned out to great (it’s funny how having the right person with you can encourage the best in you). That good time turned into an excellent breakfast that turned into an awesome late morning nap that turned into doing more together and having an increasingly amazing day. So, who cares about reflecting on my skate for one day, you know?

There can be pressure these days to produce produce produce at the cost of actually enjoying life, but I’m paying attention for those times when being there is more important than talking about being there. I’ve skated more this past week than I’ve written about, and I’ve enjoyed every second of it, without writing about it.

Anyway, this blog is about the long game. There are probably thousands of skater blogs that begin as quickly as they end. So, until I start creating new blog content or find like-minded people (who can calm my introvertedness), I will enjoy skating and write about it when it feels right. Hopefully, I won’t come anywhere near the rat race.

Here’s another pic of me falling to pass the time until my next post, which, to be honest, will likely be tomorrow.

Well, a picture of me starting to fall, anyway.

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