“Daily” Skate 21 Oct 2022

“Daily.” Right.

Not that this blog was meant to be an “I’m doing this every day of the year for cancer” kind of thing… as I type, that sounds cool. But, so far, this has been a record of my solo skate sessions and evolutions from jumping back into skating to wherever it leads.

At this point, I feel fairly established in the habit of skateboarding. As much as I want to be sure to shred every day, it’s just that for an average skater, other parts of life can get in the way. Luckily, I haven’t missed out on skating because of tragedies or anything: just a stack of papers to grade, lessons to revise, and dawn (when skateparks around here open) drawing nearer to 7:30, 8 am. 

Though I’ve managed to get out a few times without recording it here, this past month has been tough for getting out there. My legs want to, my whole body wants to find a flow, to skate, but it just hasn’t been totally possible.

I managed to get out yesterday (see, even the timing on the blog has suffered since daylight savings time). Chilly is a good word for the weather, but you can tell that more frigid air is on the way. I doubt anyone will read this and respond, but I wonder how boards, trucks in particular, handle really cold weather?

It seems the year has turned to that point where the majority of the skating I do needs to happen on a piece of plywood in my basement, where I will also stretch and do a ton of squats to stay ready for warmer weather. I suppose manuals have been on my list of tricks to master, anyway…

So, I’m still around. Still skating. Still writing. I’m just sad to see that summer break from school has completely and utterly ended, and I’m left to find another place in my days and weeks for skateboarding to fit.

I wonder if the neighbors would mind a quarter pipe in our driveway?  !!

Pic from early October. Look at that moon you can sort of almost see!

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