“Daily” Skate 04 Nov 2022

Today was my second run-in with a kid on a scooter.

Like the first encounter, this kid was seven or eight and, most definitely—a kid. At one point he rode his cruiser skateboard down my beloved banks on all fours. Although it seems a lot of skateboarders might disagree, I thought it was hilarious.

Remember when you were a kid with a skateboard, the dumb stuff you did?

You put it on your bed and bounced like you were carving waves while also greasing up your pillows and sheets. You probably tried cobbling down the living room stairs a couple times. Out on the sidewalk, you sat on it and hopped off every crack, crevasse, and tangent concrete slab like an Olympic sized slalom. *

I don’t see the bother with them unless you have no patience for kids. It was fun to have that energy around.

Looks like another lucky week ahead. The weather may give us its last bit of summer before cold rain.

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