“Daily” Skate 07 Nov 2022

Just my luck.

The weather is still set to be pleasant all week—the temp will hover around the 70s and that summer humidity is gone, but, of course, there’s an issue.

At the end of last week, a deer mistakenly took my moving car for a taxi service on my way home from work at night. As I cruised down the long, dark highway off-ramp, the deer clomped right into the passenger side of my car.

While it’s drivable, at least one new noise can be heard occasionally, meaning I should probably not drive if I don’t have to. And so here is one of those moments where the average skater loses out on a skate session or two because of outside circumstances.

I may decide to bother neighbors or suddenly start street skating again. Though, I have a feeling that just stretching with a movie on is how things will play out this week.

Such a bummer.

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