“Daily” Skate 02 Dec 2022

Yes! I finally made time to get to the skatepark. While I missed the familiar summer sunrises that have defined my skating so far, the overcast grey clouds complemented the concrete park, which rode true.

(no photo)

I thought losing out on the solo dawn shred sessions meant something more than sunrises would be taken from my skating, but the opposite has been true. I’m finding that the skaters at the park during normal human hours can positively add to a skate session. Still, I don’t foresee skating when high schools let out or the evening crowds convene, though I might drop in on a Saturday to see the pros who show up.

Skating felt good, but the time away showed as I wobbled my first kick push and struggled to amble my way up a mellow bank. By the end, I was almost in a groove: I had a close call on a long carve and lost the board in the middle of a few stalls. Still, it felt great to be back on polyurethane.

As soon as I got home I thought: I can’t wait to skate again tomorrow.

Who knows, maybe there’s a winter skateboarder in me after all.

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