“Daily” Skate 16 Dec 2022

Yesterday, skateboarding became my stress reliever.

We’re in the final week of school, which means finals and grading exceptionally fast (for me, anyway), and I’ve got a load of other professional/life things to handle—so a skate session was exactly what I needed to loosen up the tension I was feeling.

Again, I had to face the mid-day potential for the park either being sectioned off by skaters or, hopefully, empty. It wasn’t a question though: my need to skate outweighed all negative possibilities—there was nothing I would let stop me. I consider myself lucky to have had the park to myself beyond my warmup and have excellent skater company until my time was up.

As an introvert, I need to conquer this fear of being around a bunch of people, worrying about nonsense possibilities that basically never happen. The skaters I’ve met have been either quiet and into their own thing, or they’ve been most radical individuals. Really, the average skater is an excellent human being in some way.

The session was long and mostly dry. Plus, I layered just right for the right range of motion and warmth, making the cold-weather skate as pleasant as could be. Stress relieved.

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