“Daily” Skate 19 Dec 2022

Bahahaha I made it out shortly after turning in grades.

There’s plenty of work to be done, but it was necessary to take a couple hours out of the day to find a spot to skate. The snow general over the area started to melt in some places, but, of course, not in the home skate park.

A short drive later, I found dry-ish concrete and powderings of snow drift—nothing to fret over. Still, something about the snow and cold had me thinking differently about how the session should look.

Today, instead of rocketing around the park, I started out low, showing my appreciation for the surf style that lends itself to finger flips and odd twisting moves. Of course, there was a certain caution dictating the tricks I explored—I was expecting to fall while riding the nearly frozen concrete and strips of snow which created precipices of slip.

Ice. Can you tell I tried to ride the bottom half of this?

No slams, luckily.

Here’s to making the most of skateboarding in the winter.

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