“Daily” Skate 28 Dec 2022

The skatepark wasn’t exactly pristine yesterday, but when the temperature hovered above 40 degrees (Fahrenheit) after nearly a week around 0 (that’s -17.7 C), I wasn’t about to be picky. A few banks were clear of snow and puddles, so I made like a cruiser pump artist and worked my way back and forth between opposite sides of a trapezoidal box or whatever you might call it.

See, not so bad.

While the session ended with me rolling my ankle for the first time since starting back up, it was a much needed one. A couple days ago, I found myself daydreaming in the basement about a mini ramp and, eventually, what a miniaturized indoor skatepark might look like in the house.

It’s clear that I’m in the hallucination/fantasizing portion of the skateboard calendar.

If dreaming up affordable plywood and coping weren’t enough, I also dreamed about landing the gnarliest tricks at my local park. Like yeah, sure, pretty soon I’ll be able to boardslide to fake acid drop into a concrete quarter pipe, no doubt.

I’ll daydream a little longer with my ankle causing problems and some rainy/snowy weather. Just as well—school starts soon, and I should probably do some conventional exercise to work away at least a few of those sugar cookies I’ve been plowing through.

Hmmm, maybe it is time to start pricing plywood…

Had some friends hang around for most of the session.

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