“Daily” Skate 02 Jan 2023

So this is what it has come to… 

While it isn’t a skatepark or a flowing promenade, this 2×4 foot piece of plywood will have to cut it until this winter rain and snow abates. No worries, though.

Not only have I got a nice little vibe going here with a rug from my recently moved out-of apartment, but I’m also finding that working in such a small space benefits my riding. Of course, I’ll have to wait to see if my work in the basement will pay off on the concrete.

I hope to improve my balance and posture with some time on the plywood. One hope I have is to bolster manuals which, at my donut-waste age, have become nearly impossible, will play out over multiple slabs at the skatepark. Another possible positive outcome here is that my grabs and grinds could solidify.

In the small space, grabbing the board while spinning or in a tail/nose stall is just about as fun as it gets—with that, I see my attention on the board becoming more precise and more aware. I have been confused about where to focus my attention and my weight while learning to slap down the tail in switch. I’ve now spent time paying attention to the motion of the board and my relationship to it—I’m slowly getting past an oblong spin directly on top of the truck(s) and am leaning toward moving the deck where I want it, letting the trucks do what they will (if that makes any sense at all).

It’s something. And while I have another rainy day here in the northern hemisphere of the Americas, I’m glad I have even a little space to shred. And so shred I must.

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