“Daily” Skate 05 Jan 2023

FYI, skateboarding in your basement on a 2×4 foot piece of plywood does not do wonders for skatepark endurance. Yikes.

I finished my morning at work, and because it was a beautiful, sunny afternoon, I stopped at the park on my way home. No sense in not getting some exercise and skate time, right?

After only a couple loops around the empty concrete patch, I was winded with burning thighs. It felt good, don’t get me wrong, but wow, the tiredness hit immediately. While I’d like to blame it on needing to eat lunch, the truth is that I learned a valuable lesson about maintaining progress in strength and balance.

To stay smooth and solid on a board, it takes actually riding it.

I’ll keep with my basement activities while the weather fluxes between freezing and mild temperatures, while I now recognize the need to keep at all aspects of skateboarding.

Here’s to salty bearings and wet griptape, I suppose.

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