“Daily” Skate 16 Jan 2023

The midmorning sun shone, the blue sky organized behind scattering clouds, and, lucky me, the only ice to be seen had frozen in navigable patterns here and there.

Just enough space to skate between.

My mood was almost ruined by a broken bottle, its condiment contents and shards of glass scattered over the concrete. Luckily, only a portion of the park proved sketchy.

The sketchiest thing turned out to be my lower half. To be fair, I managed a power slide or two, which is new, but once my effort kicked in, I could feel the result of hit or miss skate sessions punishing my thighs.

After a few weeks of daily sessions last summer, I could kick it up to 11 and hold it until I burned all my energy, but with clunky attendance, my legs have lost umff, push, power. It felt like I hadn’t ridden the board in months–like I was starting at one.

It’s cool, though. Winter is about rest and renewal, taking it slow. Hopefully, there’ll be time to ride in the rising sun and optimal weather with a spring in my step, but now’s the time to practice patience and offer my spare time to other virtues while climate and space cause trouble.

“True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice.

Martin Luther King Jr.

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