“Daily” Skate 17 Jan 2023

Basement session after work. A ceiling light was out, so shadows sailed on my dust.

Finding, again, that balance is at work on my piece of plywood, as is board manipulation. Though, I’m only just seeing that I need to find some balance in my imagination.

Today wasn’t the first time down there that I thought about applying my stationary switch/goofy-footed backside tail slide move to an actual rail. Jesus. While I admit that I could push myself harder to make progress, about fifteen stages have to happen before that is anything other than impossible.

From now on, I’m only listening to my imagination when it is balanced with a small dose of realism. You know, that sweet spot where I might discover moves I can actually apply in the world outside my indoor concrete pool, that’s totally flat, and carpeted, and is actually just a piece of composite wood.

Still, it’s fun to dream.

Yes! Rad! Radical!! Whoa! A lot of times this feels like kid time, where it’s half movement and half imagination.

(maybe I should just consider freestyle tricks)

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