“Daily” Skate 14 Feb 2023

Yes! Another lunchtime session— 

And, in case you were wondering, yes, I spent that extra half hour trying that (bank) blunt to fakie. I admit I didn’t make it. Mostly, I stepped off the board, unsure where my balance was supposed to be, with a couple falls that proved I’d centered it in the wrong places. 

All that aside, I enjoyed getting to the flow of learning a trick that physicist skater Dr. Tae talked about. For a chunk of time, I was in it. One attempt after the other without intermission or intermittent tricks. Back and forth. And again, back and forth, on and so on. 

It must be the nature of skateboarding, but I felt like I was doing something, that I wasn’t just pushing through the motions of familiar tricks. Plus, it felt invigorating to feel the risk and continue to try.

Granted, there isn’t much risk in a bank stall except for the fear of further wrecking my ankles. Still, I felt like I was skateboarding again. 

In the end, I did roll away from a few practice stalls below the lip, on the flat of the bank. Progress, right? 


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2 responses to ““Daily” Skate 14 Feb 2023”

  1. Hey Dan!

    I’ll lay low for a bit because I’m trying to catch up with financial paperwork that I have been lax about since the onset of Covid and my broken ankle in 2020 (from a fall down a flight on stairs, not from skating, which I really don’t do any more).

    But fear not, I’m keeping up with your work on that bank blunt to fakie (which tbh I’m not visualizing as clearly as I might).

    Soooo glad that Dr. Tae has provided you with some food for thought, not to mention affecting your skating.

    Keep on pushing! Renny


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