“Daily” Skate 16 Feb 2023

A single goose circled the skate park, honking as he flew east, looking for someone, maybe.

More proof that I actually skate regularly.

Ugh. Might’ve overdone it yesterday because I was pushing through some soreness today.

I realized today, in the midst of a mild mid-west winter, that the musical theme for my riding these past months, particularly today, is 311’s “I’ll Be Here a While.” The sense of sticking around, not urging forward into some unfamiliar territory struck me as right on.

While I’ve recently had a surge toward trying some new moves, it’s become clear that everything I do is within a low level, average realm of skateboarding.

A lot of what happens in a typical session ends up being the basic moves used to build up to, let’s just say, riding quarter pipe coping and pools. Even with some “accomplishments” in this world of basic maneuvers, I can tell that I’ll be here for a while—blunt on a bank and all.

Hashtag am trying this trick.

Oh, well! Just have to skate on!

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