“Daily” Skate 19 Feb 2023

Hungry hawk squawking around a goose pad. Caused a ruckus while the parents were on a hunt. Pairs of geese flew directly overhead. I swear one looked back at me and smirked. Haha

More inadequate proof I was at the skatepark.

Fell on the same spot on my hip trying the same tail stall to fakie—that sucked. Still, I’m not at the point where slams happen. Yes, I remain a bottom feeder who’s getting used to the easy stuff. Hopefully, these stalls will get me confident enough for the little blunt stall thing I’ve been trying.

Actual proof I'm skating and trying the things I say I am.

Sky was overcast with moments of sun. Layers of clouds, each carried by the wind at its level of the atmosphere.

Another beautiful February morning in the midwest.

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