“Daily” Skate 01 March 2023

Two geese walked and pecked, walked and pecked along the skatepark as I pulled into a distant spot. I sat a minute longer than needed to let the geese walk mostly undisturbed for a while longer.

Geese walking along the skatepark when I arrived.
Dare I disturb the universe?

They moved slow enough that I walked the long way around the park to quietly begin my session. Even with my efforts, half an hour or so later, one goose looked right at me and chattered after my third of four falls. Thanks, bud.

And skateboarders are uncivilized.

To spite him, I spent longer than I rightly should have to get my wheels over a lip for the blunt stall. I managed it, exhausted but in different headspace than when I’d entered.

I do.

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