“Daily” Skate 02 March 2023

Managed a quick skate today but was stopped short. 

Not literally, as might be expected by looking at the picture below, but I ended up leaving the intentionally quick mid-day skate session super early because of two “small” nuisances. 

I’m not sure how it happened. Maybe someone could leave a comment about it, but after two separate incidents, I was riding with two foreign objects in a single wheel. 

That both objects stuck in the same wheel aside, the weird thing is, they weren’t landmines—I didn’t come to a sudden and complete stop when I hit them but kept on rolling without a hiccup. Well, except for the dragging feeling that preceded the stone and the constant hiccups that followed both. Clunk clunk clunk. Clunk CLUNK Clunk CLUNK Clunk. 

I purposefully bought soft-ish trick deck wheels, but this is a reality bender. After I piled into a gravel stone on hard wheels, the crater left behind made sense. But push a pebble for a second, and it’s sub-dermal?

Come on. 

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2 responses to ““Daily” Skate 02 March 2023”

  1. I really like your blog posts and look forward to seeing more.
    I had a quick skate today, but something caught my eye as I was skating. I noticed two small rocks in the wheels, and they were the only thing that stopped me from going faster. I was a little confused, but I decided to go with it. After I hit the rocks, the skater I was skating with started laughing. It was weird because the rocks were just pretty small and didn’t really do anything.
    Can you let me know when your new blog posts will come out?

    Thank you
    Juan Miller – Crosserx.com


    • Hi Juan, thanks for reading and for the kind comments! To answer your question, posts come out depending on the weather and the evolution of the blog, so they will be irregular for a while. Any suggestions are welcome, though!


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