“Daily” Skate 16 March 2023

After a couple days of March’s last spew of snow and ice (hopefully), finally, the skatepark was dry.

The skatepark is a strange beast in the afternoon, with kids coming and going or other skaters doing their thing. As one who typically skates early in the morning, I was happy to find that the average skater continues to be friendly and welcoming.

The introvert in me is both nervous and happy for another positive experience with the skateboard community—we’ll see what happens as life dictates the hours I have available to skate.

A bit of left over snow.
Well, maybe there was a little bit of snow left over here and there (photo is actually from yesterday afternoon, but the fact remains).

A murder of crows harassed a solo hawk that circled about the park—the hawk was unfazed, coasting with a breeze sweeping from the south, reflecting the nuisances without succumbing to them.

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