“Daily” Skate 18 March 2023

This goes for any activity, but skating this morning, before a busy weekend, has me starting out with a positive attitude.

Sunrise well over the horizon on the 18th of March.

There’s been stress and change in my life lately, but each time I get to the park and step on the board, my focus is only on the present, whether it’s taking a breath under the morning sky or watching my foot position as I try to 180 out of a board stall on a foot tall ledge.

Like the poet Robert Burns wrote about humankind, we’re always stuck thinking about the past or planning for the future, but so little of that matters. Staying in the present, living in the world around you rather than a world that’s gone or yet to be here, now, is what life is about.

Funny that the artifice of skateboarding could bring me to that with a culture full of meaningful practices and meditations. Here I am, shredding at dawn, leaving the universe to tend to its present moments.

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