“Daily” Skate 20 March 2023

With the weather juggling the perfect median of cold and blue sky, it was hard not to make room for a lunch skate.

Again, I had the pleasure of the park populated with good vibes. Met a skater who encouraged a trick I hadn’t thought of and which I can’t easily describe at this moment for the odd layout of the bank and its protruding box (maybe that did it?).

I can see how integral skating with others can be after today. While at the beginning of this, my adult era of skateboarding, there is so much to learn and so many fundamentals that need to be mastered that it’s hard not to find something to do. A lot of it, I admit, is repetition as I find my balance and center of gravity, but the ocean at this point is wide and deep.

Having that encouragement was a welcome change. It was a positive change to have someone pushing my skating rather than just my admittedly limited imagination. I funked my way through the revert to 50-50, which, I realized later, I could have been quicker and smoother, but that’s beside the point.

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