“Daily” Skate 28 March 2023

Gotta love a sunrise skate!

Sunrise, or a little after, on the morning of.

More goose poop and worms on the concrete today, giving new meaning to the term “muddy season.”

With the weather showing tangible signs of changing to spring conditions, I came around in a way this morning, too. I went to the alternate skatepark to mix things up and found myself moving closer to attempting a move I’ve been thinking about for some time.

“Going for it” sounds great (right, R?), but, at this point, I don’t really know what I’m going for! I haven’t been in the proper position or even one near it, the necessary posture is a mystery, and this is only the first urge toward a next stage (or small accomplishment) in my skating—it takes time. If only I’d come to that before my boardspill.

Today, I inched my way up, closer to my imaginary coping, each time feeling out the space a little more. Still haven’t landed the move, a 5-0/tail stall (we’ll see how it turns out the first time), but today I saw more of it than I had before—so that’s something.

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