“Daily” Skate 02 April 2023

Today was cold and quiet—with the temperature below freezing, any geese and birds stayed nestled wherever they were, and because it’s Sunday people were doing the same. Even I creaked into motion hesitantly as the sun lit undersides of the scattered clouds before dipping behind them, carving shadows across the landscape.

Frosty but beautiful morning.

Ollie ollie ollies don’t come free.

At this moment, I should watch out; this is where I get a lot of ideas of what to do with a trick before I’m ready to try it. While I’m landing the essential move on flat ground when moving slowly and without judging height (haha), hopping onto or over obstacles is another story. For instance, this ollie onto a downward bank I’m imagining—probably need to build airtime and board awareness before I go for it.

But hey, who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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