“Daily” Skate 09 April 2023

Good skate today—I have to admit that the meaning of a “good skate” has been evolving since I began skating again about 10 months ago.

In the start, a good skate was a session when I didn’t fall or one where I accomplished all of the basic tricks I set out to do. A great skate, as ever, involved making a new trick, rolling out from something I thought unlikely in the first.

Now, the meaning is different, and, I fear, a good skate means getting out there and skating with other skateboarders. I know, crazy, right? At least, it’s a bit crazy for an introverted writer like me.

Still, I’ve found that while riding out on my own, I can advance in small increments, but it seems that skating with others increases the rate of trying new tricks, learning ways to improve what I already do and to further hone my personal style.

Perhaps, this is when my initial idea for this blog begins, though in an adjusted state—Perhaps, now is when I start to look for and find those most excellent people I have hoped for all along. We shall see.

Another clear sunrise skate without another soul around.

Busy week ahead, so I may not get to skate, and you may not hear from me, though I hope I can make time to post other writing I’ve been working on for the blog. This will be a week of “distance makes the heart grow fonder.”

Until next time!

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