“Daily” Skate 18/19 April 2023

April really is the cruelest month. Earth turns back toward the sun, pushing out the early morning cold with ease as it rises, but not only is the rain a new (seeming) constant weather feature, goose poop adds to the chaos of pockmarks and cracks in the skatepark. Then, this: 

A goose sits on the sidewalk between the parking lot and skatepark.

The geese didn’t stop me from getting in a 30 minute session yesterday before returning to work. The skate was too short and I hardly warmed up, but I realized something: it’s better to get in a short skate than non at all. 

No progress was made, but at least I rode. 

Sunrising through budding but bare trees.

Then today, in the early morning, I moved forward with a trick that seemed impossible months ago. While the blunt stall is hit or miss until I make a handful of failed attempts, going too far or rolling short of the lip, I thought it would be a good idea to turn the trick into a 180 to nose stall (still not sure if I’m naming any of these moves correctly—hopefully you get the idea). 

Before, I assumed I could turn my board into the stall, so it felt like rolling my wheels over the bank’s angular lip would pose the real challenge, just like the blunt stall. Then, today, it was clear that whipping my body and board around the front trucks and laying the nose on the bank wall will be the real problem. I flailed a few times, for sure, and saw the danger of rolling my ankle but building a trick takes, in my opinion, small corrections and a lot of observation. I didn’t come around on the trick, never getting into the stall, but, hey, there’s still tomorrow. 

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