“Daily” Skate 23 April 2023

Today was a session that started with optimism but calmed suddenly mid-way through.

Board in the sunlight, an expressionist piece. Just kidding.

Over the past month or two, I’ve been lucky enough to skate weekend early mornings with a couple cool skaters, and today was one of those days…until a rolled ankle.

I had a spill or two of my own this morning, but, lucky for me, my ankles are fine. Part of that luck, though, came after the mild sprain (probably mild) when I tempered my own riding.

Maybe it’s that I’m getting a little older, maybe it’s that I’m just at the start of my return to skateboarding and need to build more awareness of myself, but I really didn’t feel like twisting something of my own today.

Ultimately, it was still a good skate, but I avoided that 180 nose stall situation for fear of rolling my ankle, something I’ve done enough times in the past to want to never do it again (as if that’s possible). I’ll have to think more about this skating in my 30’s deal and what it means to put full effort toward my riding.

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