“Daily” Skate 25 April 2023

Why is it recently made tricks become challenging to land the more you try? 

Is it, when a trick is overdone, it turns into the same kind of nonsense as when you say a single word over and over? Road. Rood. Rowad. You know? 

Or is it that routine is the enemy of creativity? 

Maybe I’ll find an answer somewhere down the line. All I know is that today at a lunch skate, I tried that bank blunt stall repeatedly with no progress either way—I stepped off the board more than I rode it, but that was all I did. 

The trick came around, and once it did, I felt confident to try that 180 nose blunt situation (whatever it’s called) and actually felt some progress and learning there. 

Rain continues to get in the way, but I’m hoping for a couple skates before more storms arrive.  

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