“Daily” Skate 05 May 2023


Not only a late start with time to skate but dry concrete and barely a cloud in the sky. Plus, the park was freshly washed from an entire week of rain, leaving it free of pebble land mines and goose turds… well, mostly.

Sunrise over concrete transitions and humps.

It was a surprise, too, to see that I felt fresh, ready to go. While there are some general improvements I hope to make in my posture and endurance in general, the latter having been tested today, my feeling on the board was rather spry and fluid.

I’m not much closer to landing that 180 kick turn to nose blunt stall thing on the bank lip, but “not much closer” leaves some room where I did feel the possibility of progress. In fact, I once got myself into position to roll back in regular, thinking it was legit, but my lead-up was off enough to send me in one direction and my board in another.

With any luck, I’ll get back out today to try again. A week inside, even with spinning a board around on carpet, has been enough to drive me a little crazy in a lethargic sort of way. So if the park isn’t crowded, I’m sure to double down today.

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