“Daily” Skate 06 May 2023

Saturday sunrise with silhouettes of small birds pestering a lone hawk.

Still working on that dawn-shred timing I had in the summer, but it was still a colorful start to the day.

Felt off after a late night (yes, I’m old enough for that to be legit), so I kept to the basics—no 180 nose blunt thing—which left me upset that I wouldn’t be and haven’t been pushing myself more.

The problem is I know that pushing myself beyond my reach leads to avoidable damage, but I don’t know how to progress without entering unfamiliar, sometimes totally blind, situations.

For me, the answer is in skate videos I’ve been watching online. One riding characteristic I’ve noticed about skateboarders, from radical amateurs to the pros, is that they control or at least are aware of their body’s position and direction from start to finish.

If they fall at the beginning, fine, it’s planned out. Fall just as the trick reaches its crescendo? No worries, put the exit plan into effect… hopefully.

My goal, in effect, is to feel out position, stance, and motion in relation to the ground. So, where leaning back seems the more extreme way to ride a bank or quarter pipe, it’s actually leaning back that keeps you close to the ground, the lip, or the wall. Don’t lean, and you fall wherever your shoulders take you. Lean, and you follow the plane(s) of the obstacle one way or the other.

It will take time to get familiar with the ground. I’ve spent so much time paying attention to the wind, the sun, and the air as it moves and I move through it that it could prove difficult getting close to the somehow foreign element.


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