“Daily” Skate 09 May 2023

When is a deck done for?

When it breaks or cracks is a clear answer. But then, what about those in-betweeners, where the thing just isn’t what it used to be? I’ve been riding the same deck since before winter, which seems like a really long time. Granted, winter didn’t offer much opportunity to shred day after day, so minimal damage was dealt.

Even more, at this point, I’ve already wrecked the tail and swapped it to the front—a hack that seems only to lengthen the life of a deck by a few weeks (?). The now tail has some pop left, so far as I can tell with where my ollie as it is (awkward), which makes me feel like I should ride it until it cracks, breaks in half, or behaves like a limp noodle when it slaps the concrete.

Really, I’m just overthinking it to absolve some guilt for already having bought one, maybe two decks ahead of my need for them. I just can’t tell if I’m a kid in a candy store rushing through each new aisle, or have I run down this belovéd board enough?

The deck/board I've been skating.

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