“Daily” Skate 10 May 2023

Leaning may not be the solution… 

Late for sunrise.

While riding banks and looking for stalls this morning, I sat on the board enough times to make it look on purpose. Blunt to left cheek. 50-50 to a red wheelbarrow. 

Keeping my stance low to the ground is important to me for a couple of reasons. The first reason should be obvious to anyone over thirty five: I feel ready to fall, crash, slip. Then, consciously riding in the space and actively in a low stance, it is easy for me to engage with the movements of a trick. If I’m not fully interacting with the environment, half my skateboarding potential energy is unused, and the likelihood of a wipeout increases.

There’s a sweet spot in there, a posture or readiness that makes the tricks I want to do possible. Somewhere I have a shifting center of gravity that “leans” wherever it goes. One day I’ll find it and ride it perchance to shred. 

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