“Daily” Skate 12 May 2023

Getting closer to dawn…

Still early enough for a few stars.

The street was quiet until I realized how early it was. Then the smell of kitchen and bakery stoves.

Remembered a prescient moment at the skate shop yesterday when the skater who runs the place mentioned the slickness of concrete early in the morning. Naturally, I remembered this after I slipped on a frontside carve, my wheels sliding out from under me in the invisible layer of dew from a cold spring night.

Still had a good session with a newly unlocked revert, courtesy of an unnamed skater some few years my senior. With the time I’ve spent riding down banks fakie, I came out of the revert with enough speed to reach the bank lip. Now I’m looking forward to riding up fakie—the idea occurred to try that 180 nose stall because I’d be using my stronger foot at the nose (in fakie, does that count as the nose or tail?).

And, I had no idea how much pop my old deck had lost. This thing might reach orbit if I’m not careful!

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