“Daily” Skate 19 May 2023

Despite the week being busy, I managed to squeeze in a few short sessions, even going so far as to skate in the afternoon… crazy. Might actually meet cool skaters if that timing keeps.

Early morning sun above trees with a mostly solitary cloud.

With little time to get deep into any given skate, I found my focus shifted to some of the basics I more or less ignore (that and snaking around the park at high speed repeatedly).

My ollie is coming along. I hope to get over a ledge sometime soon, but it will take some work to build the confidence and the awareness to carry it through. There is still a mental barrier to break when adding speed to the trick. If I can just get myself to ollie every 5 or 10 minutes during my hour, hour plus long sessions, I should have it in no time.

Blue sky, green trees.

This week I saw a marked improvement in riding and kick pushing switch. I may never come anywhere close to the power and stability I’ve built in my regular stance push. Still, I felt progress in balancing with my opposite foot forward and pushing myself along without awkwardly stepping off the board. It’s humbling practice, but I look forward to becoming a more well-rounded skater.

Here’s to the weekend and the hope that rain will pass us by and my alarm clock will wake me up before the busyness continues.

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